Basic Custom Coaching

Tired of missing the age-group podium? Let Dave help you get there by adding more structure to your training. Regular communication, feedback, and baseline testing ensures that your workouts are targeting your needs and your training and racing limiters are a thing of the past.

With our custom coaching, you get all the following:

  • Fully periodized training plans that include base, threshold, speed, and endurance training.
  • Customized programming loaded every two weeks.
  • Edits to training program prior to next training load (optional)
  • Annual training plan (ATP) for entire racing season
  • Two phone or Skype calls each month.
  • Email communication as necessary
  • Additional communication options available
  • Detailed, repeated, baseline testing
  • Assistance with race nutrition
  • Discounts on sponsor products.

Pricing begins at $275-$300 per month (four month minimum)

To contact Dave for more information, and to schedule a phone call, please click here. Or, email him at

"Since meeting Dave, not only have my 70.3 times gone down tremendously, it has allowed me to push myself to limits that I didn’t know existed. On a daily basis I find myself finishing workouts not just to “get them done” but completing them to my maximum potential. I come out of every workout and every week feeling like I have accomplished something huge. He has provided plans that have provided huge results. I can’t thank him enough for what he does for not only me, but the sport of Triathlon." - Zach S.