Coaching The Coach

For years I worked in the IT industry. But as an athlete I fell in love with the sport of triathlon and the triathlon community. I then reinvented myself, and my career. I created my own coaching business, walked away from my full-time corporate job, and am now working full time as a triathlon coach, swim coach, and coach instructor and educator for multiple national governing bodies.

It didn't happen overnight, and I had help.

I'm here to help you make your goal of becoming a full-time professional coach a reality.  I coach the coach.

Becoming a professional coach is a rewarding profession that can provide immense satisfaction for both the athletes you serve as well as yourself. This career choice does come with its share of challenges, however. As a new coach, or a coach looking to progress to the next level, continuing your education, understanding training applications, applying new ideas, and assisting athletes in becoming a higher performing individual, are challenges that are regularly faced. As a coach, you're also balancing these coaching duties with running a business, and ensuring that your business model is self-sustaining.

Having worked with numerous coaches, and assisting them with business start up queries, high performance training plans, best practices and methodologies for form and mechanics analysis, as well as overall assistance as they progress to becoming a higher level coach, I'm confident that I can assist you as you continue, and grow, your coaching career. 

I offer one on one sessions of varying levels and durations to ensure that you get exactly what you need.  For more information, please contact me directly, and I'll answer any questions that you have.

Single Consultation  -  $75.00

We'll work together in a relaxed 90-minute session. Q&A, specific questions on training plan design, and any general queries can be addressed.


Three Session Consultation -  $150.00

If you have the need for a more than a single consultation, we can schedule three 60-minute sessions to ensure all your needs are addressed.


Developing Your Coaching Business -  $350.00

This includes five hours of consultation. We'll work together to identify your areas of expertise, how you can structure your coaching business around these skills, ways to enhance your skills, and look at methods to market and promote both yourself and your coaching in creative and individualized ways.