As a regular presenter for USA Triathlon, Dave has several webinars available to obtain CEU's via the USAT Archives.  Each webinar is $24.99 for USAT members or coaches (plus $9.99 for the test to obtain your CEU).

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Blood Lactate Testing & Its Impact on Training

In this webinar, Dave will discuss the topic of blood lactate anaerobic threshold testing, and how these results impact heart rate, or power, based training prescriptions. The most typical types of tests will be discussed, and also how to track these values on an on-going basis with your athlete through repeated testing. Also covered will be how this information is critical to training specificity and how training zones can be better utilized for all race distances.

High Quality Results With Less Volume

Training that is focused on high quality, intensity, and duration (rather than a volume-based approach) can counter-balance the need for 20+ hours of peak weekly Ironman training.  Ensure full athletic potential by training smarter - not longer - and learn to prescribe, or handle, the correct intensity on race day as well as ability to perform over the full race distance.





Swimming Mechanics & Training For Triathletes

Building effective swimming programs can be a challenging process - especially when working with athletes who require stroke remediation or need to improve aerobic or anaerobic limiters.  In this webinar, you'll examine building effective swimming workouts that not only prescribe the correct reps and recovery, but are based on the individualized physiological athlete profile. You'll look at the importance of skills development and ensuring that proper mechanics are employed for maximum efficiency. Mechanics and form breakdown, and the use of test sets to determine physiological limiters are also discussed.