Entry Level Coaching

Regardless if you're new to the sport of triathlon, or just looking to take your training to the next level, customized coaching is the best way to ensure that your training is optimized to you and get the improvements you deserve.

Why use a static plan that doesn't take your personal abilities, or needs, into consideration. Let Dave work with you to understand your strengths and limiters and build a training plan that helps you become a better triathlete.

With our entry level customized coaching, you get all the following:

  • Fully periodized training plans that include base, threshold, speed, and endurance training.
  • Customized programming loaded monthly
  • Edits to training program made once per month (optional)
  • Annual training plan (ATP) for "A" Race
  • One phone or Skype call per month.
  • Email communication as necessary
  • Additional communication / options are available.

Pricing begins at $200-$250 per month (three month minimum)

To contact Dave for more information, and to schedule a phone call, please click here. Or, email him at dave@podiumtraining.com

"Dave delivered on every front... Or rather over-delivered, because that’s what he does by nature. He not only loves what he does as a coach, but he also loves swimming, biking, running and triathlons. He’s always there to coach you along—and answer any question as detailed as you’re willing to go. If you sign up with Dave, you’ll realize very quickly that you’re with a great person who will help you get everything out of your training that you’re willing to put into it. I would strongly encourage anyone considering working with Dave to give it a shot—you’ll see for yourself" - Jeff R