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  Paine To Pain 1/2 Marathon Training Plans

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Podium Training Systems is partnering with Paine To Pain to provide you with a training plan to ensure you hit the trails for your first 1/2 marathon with the best possible preparation

If this is your first 1/2 marathon, then congratulations are in order! Paine To Pain is an amazing trail race that provides not only a beautiful course, but just enough of a challenge to ensure that you feel the satisfaction that is deserved after such an event. But how do you go about training for this race? We have you covered. And even if this isn't your first 1/2 marathon, but you've never had a structured training plan before, we still have you covered.

This 16-week training plan will take you from some easy sessions at the beginning - building up your endurance - to focusing on the necessary specificity to ensure you are ready for all that the Paine To Pain course throws at you. Hills, downhill, technical sections. If you follow this plan, you'll be ready for your first 1/2 marathon on race morning. Hill repeats, track sessions, and good endurance runs are on tap. And to add to the benefit of this plan, many of the workouts suggest running the prescribed workout in certain areas of the course.

This is a training plan that uses heart rate for target output levels. But if you don't use heart-rate in your training that's okay - you can use perceived effort if you desire (it's all in the zone calculator). Baseline tests, and heart-rate zone spreadsheets are included. Additionally, this is a quality over quantity approach to training. Volume isn't as high as other training programs, but the quality sessions that are included will ensure your race-day fitness. After you download the training plan, click on the button for the heart-rate training zone calculator and after your initial baseline test, you can input your heart-rate values into that spreadsheet and begin your training.

Just enter in your name and email address below.You'll then receive and email with a link to your free beginner 1/2 marathon training plan (PDF format). And if you happen to have a Training Peaks account, contact Dave and he'll get it loaded into your account ASAP. Now get out there and start training!


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This isn't your first Paine To Pain 1/2 marathon, and you're looking to take things to the next level?

We have you covered there too. For just $99, you'll receive our advanced 16 week training plan that includes endurance, speed work, hill work, interval training, and advanced running sessions to help you set a course PR. This is a heart-rate based plan, and some initial baseline tests are included. You can also train via perceived effort if you desire. This plan too is a quality-based program. Mid-week sessions include the quality and intensity required to ensure that your volume is tempered and fatigue levels are manageable for week after week training. Build weeks, and adaptation weeks ensure that all training is maximized.

If you're ready to train smart with good intensity, quality, and race specifics this training plan will meet all your needs. You can purchase the plan by clicking the purchase button below. Once paid, you'll receive the plan via email in a PDF format. And if you're on Training Peaks Dave will contact you via email and coordinate loading the plan into your account. If you train via heart-rate, click on the button for the heart-rate training zone calculator and after your initial baseline test, you can input your heart-rate values into that spreadsheet and begin your training.

Please know that a portion of the proceeds go toward the Paine to Pain efforts to work on trail cleanup, improvements, and course betterment. Once you purchase the training plan you'll be redirected to a Dropbox file location and the PDF of the plan and documentation should download immediately.


Should you have any questions at all about any of the training sessions, or require more information, please contact Dave Burgess from Podium Training Systems via: