Dave coached me through my second Ironman where I saw a noticeable change in my swim efficiency and speed. That efficiency transferred over nicely to Xterra triathlons. I am now a top swimmer and age-group competitor in the Xterra series.
— Amie G. - Xterra Worlds Qualifier. Xterra AG National Champion
I initially started swimming with Dave’s US Masters swim group. Those first few months of swim training were painful, but having Dave on deck really helped with the motivation and pushed me in just the way I needed. The workouts were tough, but he kept them varied and interesting. I gradually progressed and my swim times improved significantly, more than I even anticipated. In the local Colorado Xterra races I competed in, I was often one of the top age-group female swimmers out of the water. This was somewhat unexpected as mountain biking is my strong suit, not swimming! I then hired him to help with biking and running workouts as well. These also pushed me and gave me the intensity training that I needed. Long story short, I won my age group at the Xterra World Championships with a winning margin of 15 minutes. I owe much of that success to Dave’s help.
— Sharon L. - Xterra Age Group World Champion
Thanks to Dave, I crossed the line of a triathlon 29 years after my last one. I wasn’t as fast as I was when I was 16 but I was prepared and motivated! 

As a 45 year old master age-grouper my goals need to be aligned with my life, ambitions, and capabilities and Dave is instrumental in helping me define and achieve them. He understands the needs of master’s athletes and has been great helping me dial in a program that both fits in my life and still pushes my performance to higher levels
— Stephen J.
Since meeting Dave, not only have my 70.3 times gone down tremendously, it has allowed me to push myself to limits that I didn’t know existed. On a daily basis I find myself finishing workouts not just to “get them done” but completing them to my maximum potential. I come out of every workout and every week feeling like I have accomplished something huge.

Dave is flexible and always available to work with me and my hectic schedule. Being enlisted in the military presents many challenges to creating a workout plan that can be accomplished in my limited time off. Dave has provided plans that work perfectly to my schedule and have provided huge results. I can’t thank him enough for what he does for not only me, but the sport of Triathlon.
— Zachary S. - Aviation Maintenance Technician, USCG
Can You Say Miracle Worker?
The date was April 28 and I had the Boulder Ironman coming up on August 7th and this was my first swim session with Dave Burgess. Oh, did I mention I could not swim the length of the pool? Seven weeks later I asked Dave for a swim test. A two hour session in the pool to see if I could cover the 2.4 miles. This would be a huge mental obstacle to overcome. I swam the 2.4 miles in 92 minutes!  I walked away with the confidence that I could complete the first leg of the Ironman. If you need a coach that is encouraging, a great teacher, and will get you the results you need to compete in your event. I am an Ironman because of Dave Burgess.
— Steve S. Ironman Boulder Finisher
Dave worked with me to design a program for my hectic and often unpredictable life. His personalized approach has allowed me to fit in the mileage and offers enough flexibility when life throws the inevitable curveball. Best of all, he’s saved me from the daunting task of deciding what workouts are necessary, like speedwork at the track, something I always hated! I’m actually enjoying my hard runs for the first time and my swim sessions feel better than ever!
— Kari W - 1st Overall Female. Lumberman Olympic Triathlon
Dave has helped me go from training on my own as an existing AG elite to pushing new PRs across my swim bike and run. The training has been exactly what I needed: putting hard workouts where they need to be, adding a structured overall startegy towards an A race, and best of all, giving my training renewed enjoyment and personal reward.
— Theo R. - NYC Tri Elite '15; NYC Marathon Elite; Boston Marathon '14, '15, '16; 3 x Ironman 70.3; 2 x Ironman
Dave delivered on every front... Or rather over-delivered, because that’s what he does by nature. He not only loves what he does as a coach, but he also loves swimming, biking, running and triathlons. He’s always there to coach you along—and answer any question as detailed as you’re willing to go. If you sign up with Dave, you’ll realize very quickly that you’re with a great person who will help you get everything out of your training that you’re willing to put into it. I would strongly encourage anyone considering working with Dave to give it a shot—you’ll see for yourself
— Jeff R.
I was looking for someone who not only knew their stuff, which David absolutely does, but also who would listen to my thoughts and ideas about my training program. David built a plan that is without a question tough and challenging....There are not wasted miles, no workouts without purpose.
— D. Weiss - 2nd Place Overall. US Masters, Huntington 2 mile open water swim