Saving my A** (With an ISM Saddle)

When I started riding seriously, when the triathlon bug had really set in, I began to experience some serious issues with my saddle. It wasn't a good relationship, so to speak. To be nice, I'd say I had "soft tissue" issues. To be blunt, almost every saddle that I tried rubbed me the wrong way. Blood flow would be cut off to key areas of my anatomy, and my prostate felt like it was the size of a bagel.

I went through a few saddles:

Sella San Marco


(sorry, couldn't find that one in the basement). 

Heck, I even tried using the saddle my wife had used at one point:


I had a good stretch on the San Marco, but on longer rides it was still not the most comfortable thing to be perched on for three-plus hours. I did enough research to know that I needed a saddle with a cut out, and the San Marco just wasn't working well enough.

I don't know how I stumbled onto the ISM saddle - I'm sure it was a late night session surfing the internet cursing the tingling (not in a good way) in my nether-regions.

ISM Road

This saddle is the most comfortable I've ridden. I first put one on my road bike last season (an ISM Race saddle). The relief was immediate, and the comfort is amazing. There was no question that my recently purchased TT bike would need an ISM saddle as well.  I went with the ISM Road model as there's a little more padding and is much more comfortable on long days down in the aero-bars.  I can ride for hours and not have any of the inconvenient side effects that were plaguing me in the past.

I can't imagine riding on anything else. What are you riding on?