Serious Workouts Return

I had my first significant / serious workout since my accident today.  I headed to the gym around 7:00a and hit the pool.  I'd been getting to the pool somewhat regularly to do some nominal swimming - but it was more part of physical therapy and targeted at getting more flexibility back in my ankle.  Likewise, I'd been on the bike trainer here at home for short stretches of time - again with the goal of getting some range of motion and strength back. 

Today I decided that I needed to get things back in form.  I'm feeling pretty good in regards to my rehab, so today was the first day of me "getting back at it".  From this point forward, all swims and bike trainer sessions will take on a new level of intensity.  My goal is to be ready for some sort of racing come the fall.

Today's swim workout:

400y warm up. 
2 x (1 x 50, 1 x 100, 1 x 50) stroke drills on :15 rest
4 x 100 pull (pull buoy and paddles) on the 1:40
1 x 50 easy
4 x 100 pull (pull buoy) on the 1:40
3 x 200 on 3:15
200 cool down

2,400 yards - :45 minutes.  Nothing too crazy today in regards to intensity or distance.  I felt a little tight towards the end of the 200's, but was pretty pleased overall.  Flip turns still require me to push off with only my right leg, but I'm able to kick with equal force on both legs.  Very exciting indeed!

Upon arriving home, I revisited my long-lost friend the training calendar.  I immediately removed all the workouts I was "supposed to do" in preparation for a half iron triathlon in September.  These were replaced with new swimming and cycling workouts.  And in regards to my cycling workouts, based on my last physical therapy session it's very likely that I'll be outside riding in a couple of weeks which will make me very happy.  At that point I'll be able to crank up the intensity another notch.

Hopefully everyone is having a good holiday today.  And hopefully you all got in a workout before the chocolate bunnies come into play.