AM Ride With A New Guy

AM ride with a new guy

A few days ago I got an email from a friend looking to hook me up with a 'friend of a friend' to ride in the mornings during the week.  Awesome!  Sure thing!  Email introductions were sent, and after some back and forth we met up this morning for a 20+ ride.

We met up at the appointed time and corner.  Matt seemed like a nice guy.  Pleasantries were exchanged, and off we went.  I noticed that he was in the "big-ring" and as we started out, I noticed that I was too.  We both accelerated quickly, got to a pace that was most likely a little too quick considering the lack of warm-up that I had, and started to cruise. 

The speed didn't slow.  We were talking, asking the usual "get-to-know-you" questions, but the pace was up there.  Neither of us would shift out of the big-ring in front, and we kept the pace high.  I realized what was was typical, neither of us wanted to slow the pace for fear of looking like he couldn't hang with the other.  Or at least that's what I projected.

We continued.  The pace continued.  Yes, we both turned into "that guy".  Neither one of us would let up.  We started out hard, and kept it hard.  Big-ring all the way. 

Avg pace for 20+ miles was 18.5.  Not too quick for a flat loop, but this loop has some hills.  And yes, neither of us would get out of the big-ring for the climbs either.

All hills were attacked.  Out of the saddle climbing.  The conversation continued on the climbs.  Granted the questions had to be kept short - as did the answers - so you could keep breathing and avoid passing out.

Me (on a short, steep, hill.  Out of saddle in the big-ring): "So...(pause) *heavy inhale and exhale* from Texas originally?

Matt (on same short, steep hill.  Out of saddle in the big-ring): "No...(pause) *heavy inhale and exhale*....New Hampshire"

Finally, with 2 miles to go to the end of the loop where we would split off, there was one last small-ish climb.  I got half way up and my legs cried "no mas".  I shifted out of the big-ring, and announced: "that's it - I'm done".  With that, Matt immediately slowed, shifted down, and relaxed.  Damn it.  All I had to do was say that 8 miles ago?

You get the point.  We turned into total Type-A jackasses.

And we're riding together again on Friday.