A Busy Couple Of Weeks

Two of my athletes competed in triathlons / events over the past two weeks.  One is returning to triathlons after a 10 year hiatus, and his comeback to age-group racing is moving along nicely.  The other athlete is gearing up for Steelhead 70.3 and had a half-marathon in some pretty hot and miserable conditions.  I traveled to the triathlon out in Long Island, New York to support one athlete, and had a few conversations with my other athlete - as she lives in the Midwest - to talk about her race and make some changes to her swimming workouts.

I've also been working out more on the bike and in the pool.  My ankle has been feeling pretty good - my setback at physical therapy has sorted itself out and I'm able to start some jogging again.  Anyway, I've re-doubled my focus on trying to get back in shape so I can be as ready and fit as possible for an early start to the triathlon season next year.  I had some great workouts this week, distances weren't crazy long, but the intensity is getting up there. 

Equally as important, my wife asked me to write a three-part "Multisport 101" series over on her food and fitness site: JL Goes Vegan.

This series covers the basics for the individual looking to start out and get fit, or take things to the next level.  Last week's post focused on swimming.  Tomorrow's post is on cycling and I'll wrap things up in a weeks time with a primer on running.

Next week - the week of the 4th of July holiday here in the US - could be a good week for me in regards to workouts and getting some fresh content up on my site.  We're headed to our annual week away in northern Connecticut.  Last year's trip had me dealing with a few maladies but this year I'm looking to do some serious cycling in the foothills of the Berkshires as well as some good open water swimming.