A Bike Obituary

(My recent foray into bike commuting has come to an end - after some idiot stole my rig.  I'm pretty sure, whomever it was, won't even know how to use the shifters.  I thought it only appropriate to give my late, great, commuter bike a proper farewell)

7 year old 'Tina' - an aluminum Trek frameset, customized commuter bike - "passed away" this past Tuesday the 12th of July 2011.  She was last seen at 740a that same morning, but disappeared soon after.  After much heart-wrenching thought and introspective discussions, she has been assumed "dead". 

Tina (with customized mustache handlebars, fenders, commuter pedals, and candy apple red bar tape) is survived by her "roommates" the Giant sisters Gina (with a "long I") and Trixie. 

"She was really a quiet person", states Gina, the Trinity TT bike, who shared the one room area where they spent most evenings.  "She worked hard, and no matter what the weather she got the job done.  We're going to miss her". 

Trinity's sister, Trixie, a TCR Composite, was seen weeping quietly in a corner shortly after it was determined that Tina wasn't coming back.  "I just can't believe she's gone!  This is so unfair".  With that, Trixie was found to be inconsolable and she soon after went out for a 45 mile ride as she needed to "clear her head"

Tina will be remembered fondly.  It is unknown when a new foster-commuter bike will be brought in.  Family members state that time will be required before any such decisions are made as they don't want the memory of Ms. Tina to be discounted.  "We'll have to see what bike frames can be located - really, the right one needs to come along" stated a family spokesperson.  "But right now we just need some time to process this loss."