Toughman Half Iron Triathlon 2011 Photo Gallery

Apologies for the massive delay, but below are a handful of pics from the Toughman Half Iron Triathlon .  As previously mentioned I was working over the race weekend, but did manage to get some photos in throughout race day:

Transition area - Athletes are headed to the beach

Athletes on the beach - Race is about to begin

Countdown to the first wave

Elites and M40-44 into the water

First swimmer out of the water

Second swimmer out of the water

First elite / pro onto the run (This guy smoked the course - overall winner)

The fan fave - "Tri-Dog"

Collar reads: "Swim - Bark - Run"

Some of the race staff at the start (I'm on the far left)
I would have had more pics during the bike leg, but we were crazy busy as the athletes came into T2 - controlled chaos in that last 1/4 mile!  It was tough to have my iPhone out and at the ready while working and racing around all morning.

Great feedback from athletes post-race as well.  Always encouraging to hear kudos from people that are racing.  Makes all the hard work and lack of sleep that weekend well worth it.