Workout Wednesday - 22 January 2014

Great set yesterday with the Podium Swim Club.  I wanted some speed-work done, but I also wanted to include some threshold work in the workout as well.  The below workout is what transpired.

It's SCY, and takes about 1:15 to complete.  As usual, the send-offs will vary depending on you or your athlete's base 100 time.  The goal in the main set is to work the 50's and 25's at max effort.  The 100's are high Zone 3 effort - or at a cruise pace.  The 50's don't give you a full recovery - a little bit is gained back on the 100's, but there's a nice 1 : 3 work / rest ratio on the 25's.

Warm up:
300 easy.
300 pull

12 x 50 on :45

4 x 75m on 1:15

Main set:  
6 x (50 - 100 - 4 x 25)  
50 hard.  100 cruise.  25’s max
On :40, 1:35, 1:00
1 min rest after each round.

200 cool down.

Total yardage is 3,200 yards.  This is a great quality set that incorporates a couple of different energy systems.  

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