Thoughts on Training

Training for a triathlon is hard work. Training for most any endurance event is.

However, to perform well you need to train with high intensity and quality, and sometimes it's difficult to keep the motivation up. Those early mornings - the sun isn't up yet and you're heading out to run, or driving to the pool. Or, worse yet, you're getting on the bike trainer. 

Those are tough sessions to get up for. You're tired. The sun isn't yet up. You're by yourself......

......It's what you do then, when you're fighting to stay motivated, that will make a difference. When you're solo, tired, and dreading the swim set or track workout that is on tap for the morning. This is where you have to dig deep and find that motivation.

It's what you do when no one is looking that matters.

Remember that. 

When you're in the pool, by yourself, it's easy to talk yourself out of the last few reps of the set. It's easy to pull back on the last couple of efforts at the track because it hurts. 

But, it's what you do in those moments. When you're by yourself, suffering through a tough training session, that will determine who you are on race day.