Why Choose Podium Training?

Choosing a coach for customized, one on one, programming to improve your training and racing is an important decision. Why should you choose Podium Training Systems? Podium Training Systems athletes have had some great results over the last couple of seasons, and we'd like to be a part of your future success. Have a look at what some of our athletes have said:

Through Podium Training, Dave has helped me go from training on my own as an existing AG elite to pushing new PR's across my swim bike and run. The training has been exactly what I needed: putting hard workouts where they need to be, adding a structured overall strategy towards an A race, and best of all, giving my training renewed enjoyment and personal reward.
Our TrainingPeaks relationship has been all the more successful when combined with the Podium Training tri-camp series. In addition to 1:1 coaching on form/mechanics/technique, we have a personal context to find new growth.
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Being A Strong Swimmer Matters

Over the past month I've read about, discussed, or overheard, race reports of triathletes from one race or another. For some it was their "A" race. For others, it wasn't. But on multiple occasions I heard about how the swim got the better of them that day. And how the rest of their race was turned upside down due to the poor swim.

In two instances, the swim was changed to non-wetsuit. In one, the water was rough. In another, it was a combination of the two. 


Having the swim leg of a triathlon changed to non-wetsuit shouldn't make the swim so difficult that your race is ruined. You should be training hard, and training smart, ensuring that your swim is solid. Rough water? Different story. But your swim should not be dependent upon the buoyancy of your wetsuit.

I'm all for training now and again in your wetsuit in the pool - especially if it's new and you want to get a feel for it. But it shouldn't be a regular occurrence. When is a good time to train in your wetsuit? During open water swim sessions. And even then, you should absolutely do some open water training sessions without a wetsuit just so you are comfortable in that situation. And those Lava Pants, or neoprene jammers? Don't bother. They're a crutch, and come race day when they do call for a non-wetsuit swim, you're at a disadvantage.

If you're not a strong swimmer, that's okay. Swimming is a tough discipline. But work on it. Train smarter. Have your stroke analyzed. Hire a coach if necessary. You're spending a lot of time, energy, and money, as you train and race throughout the year. Ensure that no matter what is thrown at you race day, you're prepared to adapt and come out of the water strong.

Summer Training Camp Highlights

It was just over a week ago that we were in Connecticut for our summer training camp. What a great three days of training! We kept this camp small - purposely - to ensure that the athletes in attendance got the one on one attention they deserved, and everyone could get to know the other athletes.

Friday evening was our meet and greet, and education session. We covered swim mechanics, form, and technique for open water swimming. Sponsor / Partner products were handed out.

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Aging and Training - Redux

last year I wrote about the impact of aging and training and how recovery, and intensity, change as we become older. You can read the entire post at the provided link here if you'd like to get a little background. But, in summary, our recovery periods can begin take longer as we age, and our ability to do the work levels we once found sustainable can / will begin to diminish. Dealing with these inevitable factors of life can be difficult for some. Myself included.

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Flip Turns - Should You Do Them?

I can't tell you how many times I've heard a triathlete state: "I don't need to do flip turns .... I'm not going to do a flip turn in open water, so why should I here in the pool?" A recent post on VeloPress reminded me of how frequently this topic comes up, and why that statement is so off the mark.

First of all, it's true: You won't be doing any flip turns during your open water swim. You've got me there, Captain Obvious. However, doing a harmless open turn during training is, potentially, doing more harm than you might think

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