Why Choose Podium Training?

Choosing a coach for customized, one on one, programming to improve your training and racing is an important decision. Why should you choose Podium Training Systems? Podium Training Systems athletes have had some great results over the last couple of seasons, and we'd like to be a part of your future success. Have a look at what some of our athletes have said:

Through Podium Training, Dave has helped me go from training on my own as an existing AG elite to pushing new PR's across my swim bike and run. The training has been exactly what I needed: putting hard workouts where they need to be, adding a structured overall strategy towards an A race, and best of all, giving my training renewed enjoyment and personal reward.
Our TrainingPeaks relationship has been all the more successful when combined with the Podium Training tri-camp series. In addition to 1:1 coaching on form/mechanics/technique, we have a personal context to find new growth.
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Coaching Athletes & Training

On occasion, my US Masters swim club will have a light turnout at practice. It happens now and again, and is usually tied to people traveling for work or getting away for a few days - especially now during the summer. On those mornings when there's a smaller crew in the water, I'm inevitably asked "...where's your suit? You should get in and work out with us!"

No can do.

It doesn't matter if there are two people at practice, or 22. If I'm coaching, I need to be on deck. And I'm not speaking from a safety standpoint - but rather from a coaching standpoint. How can I make stroke corrections? How would I ensure drills are being done as they should be by each individual? How can I provide feedback to everyone? Those athletes are there to be coached, and I'd be remiss if I wasn't paying attention to each an every one of them.

I've had local athletes invite me to join in on one of their training rides - ".....to see if there's anything in the bike fit, or pedal stroke, or body position that might be off and in need of correction." Well, that's what bike fits are for. If I go on a ride with an athlete, I won't be paying 100% attention to the athlete. I'll be watching the road, or trail. Those kind of corrections are best done one on one, with the athlete on a bike trainer, and with me (the coach) 100% engaged.

As a coach, our training has to take a back seat.  It has to be done at odd times of the day when you have the ability to sneak in a swim, bike, or run. Or a day may come and go when you simply can't get in your planned workout.

Being a coach is all about coaching your athletes.

End Of Year Giveaway

As 2014 comes to an end, we here at Podium Training Systems have been busy planning for 2015.  We have some great sponsor partnerships - both new and returning -  lined up for next year, and in celebration of this (and the spirit of the holiday season) we're holding an end of year giveaway.

All you need to do is sign up for the Podium Training mailing list by filling out the signup form below.  By doing so, you'll not only receive the monthly newsletter (which is always full of great information), but you'll be automatically entered in a drawing to win one of the below prizes:

  • Grand Prize: One semi-custom triathlon training plan (value $225)
  • First Prize: Amrita Nutrition gift pack. (T-shirt, water bottle, swim cap, sample bars)
  • Second Prize: Nuun Hydration gift pack. (Water bottle, Nuun samples)

All subscribers of the Podium Training mailing list are automatically entered to win. Winners will be chosen on January 1, 2015.  Winners will be chosen at random, and will be contacted via email with details on how to claim their prize.  The first and second prizes are limited to those in North America (sorry - shipping rates and all) but the grand prize is open to anyone!**

**Grand prize available only to those that are not currently Podium Training Systems athletes.

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Psychology and the Athlete

When race performance is far off the mark, compared to training performance, a coach should include additional mental skills and training for their athlete to help address any psychological challenges they may be facing. Any number of factors can be the cause for poor performance on race day. If this is a chronic issue, it is prudent to enlist the assistance of a skilled sports psychologist to provide assessment information on the athlete based on interviews, observations, and potentially some psychological testing.

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Improving Running Economy

Improving the running economy of your athlete is a goal of every coach.  There are numerous methods that we can employ to ensure that we are striving to maximize the economy of our athletes to its highest level.  To that point, running economy can be gained through both mechanical, as well as physiological, gains.

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