No Racing For Me This Year

It's official - there will be no racing this year.

Between the recent "setback" I had at physical therapy on Friday, and the sudden (albeit obvious in retrospect) bit of clarity around my situation, I've realized that there's no way I can do any sort of full-on racing this year.  Yes, I could do the swim and the bike legs of most any triathlon with the required amount of intensity required.  But any run I do will be a jog at best.  Even by September or October I just won't be able to pound out miles at a pace that will be competitive.

I have to admit that this past Saturday and Sunday were a bit tough mentally.  After the non-PT session on Friday, and with a sore ankle, all I could do this weekend was realize the cold hard facts.  I'm disappointed to say the least.  But as today has progressed, I realize that this - again - is just the logical outcome to breaking an ankle that I should have come to grips with sooner than today.

Racing come this fall - Wishful thinking? Perhaps.  Oh, hell, yeah of course it was wishful thinking.  Denial?  For sure.

However, with that all said and done, my goal now is to stay fit, and get my running back up in the late fall so that I can hit the triathlon season early next year and make up for lost time.  I may still participate in a couple of events, as I pondered a while ago, and just turn in my chip after the bike leg.  Not exactly what I was hoping for this year, but considering the circumstances I think that's the best I can manage.