Weekly Workouts And A Minor Setback

I had some good workouts this week.  Monday was an off day (always enjoyable), and Tuesday was an easy ride with one of the athletes that I coach.  But Wednesday through Friday had some higher intensity workouts - I was damn psyched as I was feeling good, and was pleased at how my ankle was feeling.

Since a couple folks have asked what kind of workouts I'm doing while my ankle is on the mend - here's a sample from this week:

21 mile ride.
18.7 mph average speed (Pushed it a bit on this ride.  When did I get all Type-A?)
Avg HR 138 / Max HR 162
671 calories burned

3,000 yard swim.
Warm up
400 yards easy
8 x 50 stroke drill
Main set
2 x 400 swim on 5:45
600 pull
2 x 300 swim on :30 rest - descending
200 cool down

Wednesday wrapped up with a late afternoon physical therapy session.  A treadmill walk and jog session - which I was really looking forward to.  3 minutes of walking, followed by 4 minutes of running / jogging at an easy pace.  Rinse and repeat 3 times.  This was followed by 90 minutes of sweat inducing drills, stretches, weights, isometrics, and physical pulling / tugging / torquing. Damn.  I was spent.

I won't go into details, but I wasn't limping when I got there.  Seriously.  More on that in a minute.

25 mile ride
17.2 mph average speed (thankfully a more reasonable pace today)
Avg HR 131 / Max HR 164
719 calories burned

Here's the setback - Friday's PT session was reduced to icing and stretching as my ankle is acting up from yesterdays "run".  Very sore and very swollen.  I'm told we're stepping back a bit for a couple sessions.  With that news, all my weekend workout plans have changed.  No cycling this weekend.  Just one swim workout and multiple icing sessions on the ankle.  It's a bummer, but nothing disastrous.  I'm told it's nothing major, and we just stepped up the running a little too quickly.  More importantly, as the cycling and swimming workouts aren't hurting anything (as they're non-impact) this is just a normal event that's to be expected.

A bit of a bummer, but things feel better already this morning (Saturday).  I'll get a swim in this weekend, but today will be spent icing my ankle and watching a lot of TV.