Workout Wednesday - 12 February 14

I'm throwing a little endurance work back into the mix today.  But, as usual, there's a little speed endurance work thrown in for good measure.

This is a great set to really get some serious yardage in. And I really like it for the fact that it switches gears in the middle of the main effort and utilizes a different energy system.  The main set efforts, for the longer distances, are aerobic in nature. Targeting a 1:20-1:25 base 100 effort, the rest intervals will provide about :20-:30 rest. But the 25's switch things up with a 1 : 2 work/rest ratio and we start to get a little anaerobic.

This set is SCY and will take about 1:15-1:30........

Warm up:
200 yards easy
200 kick
200 pull

Pre-set / Warm up:
10 x 50
1st length stroke (choice) 2nd length free.

12 x 75 on 1:15.  Cruise efforts 

Main set: 
Speed endurance (Sp/E)  and Endurance. 

2 x (400, 300, 10 x 25, 200)
400 on 6:00, 300 on 4:30, 25's on :45 - max effort., 200 on 3:00

Cool down:
200 easy

4500 yards

Change the send-offs to accommodate your athletes base 100 times, ensuring to keep things aerobic. That means you need to target a send-off that provides :20-:30 rest.  As the main set lasts between 20-30 minutes (depending on the athlete) it's long enough to get the aerobic work in, but short enough to not be boring.  The usual reaction I get from athletes after this set is that they got more yards in the main set than they thought. The 25's keep things fresh and nobody gets bored.

Questions?  Give me a shout!