Athlete Race Recap From The Gold Coast Triathlon

Podium Training Systems athlete Danny Weiss at the Gold Coast Triathlon in Port Washington, New York this past weekend.  Danny is gearing up for USAT Age Group Nationals, and then the Toughman Half Iron triathlon.  Danny was kind enough to whip up a race report for us.......

I had a strong couple of weeks leading up to the race, with a couple of break-through track sessions. My coach, David, really enforced a solid down week leading up to the race (but with a good amount of pops of speed work), so I was feeling rested but also fast for the race.

Swim - Chaotic to say the least. There was a tremendous discrepancy in terms of the swim course. So much so that David (who was also racing with me and is in my age-group) suggested we step out of the mob till they figure it out. Great advice as I was getting a bit caught up in negative energy. I can't say that they ever came to a consensus on the swim course but eventually it was my waves time to start.  I am a strong swimmer and always get in the front of the pack for the start of the race. I did the same but was really unclear on exactly where to swim. I figured I would just follow the wave before me or perhaps another swimmer in my heat.  Gun goes off and I am feeling particularly strong. So much so that I take the lead in my wave which is great but also a bit disconcerting as I am not clear where to swim. In the end, I end up doing what it seems like everyone else is doing before me and exit the water in first place for my age-group.

T1 - I have been working on speeding this up, practicing it a bunch. I got my wetsuit off rather quickly, although I did have to sit down which I intend to do away with eventually.  I have also been working on keeping my shoes on the bike for a quick transition.  I exit the transition area and am on my bike.  Slip one foot in my shoe but than really struggle to get the other foot. David goes whizzing by me with "get moving."  I finally get it in, determine it was not too much wasted time and off I go.

A quick 11 mile bike ride.  In the past I have struggled with never getting my heart-rate down on these super sprints and being tapped out for the run, so I pushed on the bike but also allowed my HR to come down a bit. Within a few minutes I really felt great on bike, whizzing by lots of people and enjoying my brand new Cervelo P2!

Into T2 and I got a bit screwed up.  Normally I am able to get out of my shoes very easily, leaving them on the bike but misjudged the bike dismount this time. I end up with one foot still clicked in on the bike and the other one slipped out. I do a hobble to the bike rack with one bike shoe on and barefoot on the other side, feeling a bit foolish but not too worried. Quick T2. Grab my hat, race belt and slip on my shoes

I feel good on the run, not great but good. I tell myself that its only 3 miles and go for it. Very quickly my legs come around and I know I am having a good race. For me, it always comes down to the run. It seems to be all or nothing. I can either keep a nice pace or it feels like I am running through sludge. 1 mile becomes two and before I know it I am heading into the finish chute. Pick up my youngest Son as I go by and run across the finish line holding him.

I end up taking six minutes off my last years time...really really happy!

Place 4th in my age-group (last year I was 20th), missing 3rd by 18 seconds. I immediately start questioning where I could have picked up those seconds and start bumming myself out.  At some point I have to remind myself that I just took off a tremendous amount of time off last years results (well at least my wife reminds me as much),  I have improved significantly (thanks in no small part to David-  who won his age-group by the way) and celebrate what I have just done...which I do with a massive breakfast..A nice way to spend fathers day.
Thanks, Danny!  Taking six minutes off your sprint triathlon time is massive.  Proof that the hard work you're putting into your season is really paying off.  Congrats!